Tailor-made Travels

From cruise to all-inclusive stay, from train travail to world tour

Ocean cruise and river cruise

Sail the seas

Experience the delights of exotic ports around the world. Travel across the legendary rivers of Europe, Africa, India or South America aboard an elegant ship, both intimate and comfortable. Or choose a bugger ship and cruise on the oceans. On board, enjoy gastronomies that will satisfy your palate and menus created by celebrity chefs. Attend live and high art musical performances or small chamber orchestras. Listen to exciting speakers, retreat and relax in your choice of comfortable or luxurious cabins serviced by your very own butler.

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All-inclusive journey

An escape by the sea

Stay in a hotel by the beach, enjoy the facilities and activities throughout the day, taste the local flavors and gastronomy … No schedule or constraints, do what you want when you want. A quiet little paradise offering you a most pleasant break.

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Travel in train

Experience the slow travel

Relax and recline in the spacious accommodations aboard a rail cruise as you travel through the best, most interesting roads in the world: the Canadian in the Rocky Mountains, Rovos in South Africa, Trans-Siberian in Russia.…

Enjoy the exciting itinerary as you stop in charming localities, and pause to cherish the authentic moments of your journey – admiring the mountains and lakes, plains or steppes parading before your eyes. Engage with other passengers while drinking a cocktail in the bar cars and enjoy the local cuisine at each destination. This tour is a brilliant opportunity to travel differently and to discover parts of the country only accessible by train.

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Around the world

Afford yourself a personal break

Fulfill your passion for travel and afford yourself a personal break from daily occupational agitations. Whether it’s for a few weeks or several months, commit to focusing on yourself, waking up every morning in a new country or a different continent. A world tour is an enriching education, a soul-feeding, spirit-freeing venture that will allow you to experience life’s greatest moments and milestones: You will see life from a new, curious and joyful perspective and relish your happiness for years to come!

Collectionneurs de Voyages’ co-founders have also built and created their own world tour: their expert destination knowledge will advise and guide you better than anyone else! Read their travel stories to get inspired.

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