Family trip to Egypt

The mystery of the pharaohs, the great pyramids and the Red Sea ... revealed to you!

Trip summary

Cairo, cruise on the Nile to discover Luxor, Aswan from Abu Simbel, and finally Hurghada

Welcome to the country of pharaohs, hieroglyphs, famous gods and an exceptional ancestral culture. A few days in Cairo will allow you to better understand this civilization and share precious moments with an Egyptian family.

Then embark on a magical and mythical cruise on the Nile, at the heart of the King Valley. You will have the chance to visit the pyramids that rocked your childhood.

Finally some days by the Red Sea will be ideal to relaxe and explore the seabed.

Discover this fascinating country, now reopened to visitors, during this unique itinerary designed for you.

A tailor-made itinerary created for adults and children, and suited to everyone’s pace.

Cairo, cruise on the Nile to discover Luxor, Aswan from Abu Simbel, and finally Hurghada

The route day after day

Day 1 - Departure

Take an international night flight from Montreal to Cairo

Day 2 - Cairo

Upon arrival, you will be taken to your hotel. The rest of the day is free. You will have dinner at your hotel. (D)

Day 3 - Cairo

Today, you will discover the Pyramid Plateau and the Sphinx. True heritage of Egyptian civilization, the historic site of Giza is listed among the seven wonders of the world. Located in the heart of the desert and overlooking the sumptuous Nile Valley, the Plateau shelters a multitude of ancient vestiges: temples, workers’ villages, the emblematic pyramids of Cheops, Khephren and Mykerinos or the Sphinx. This sculpture in honor of Pharaoh Khephren, weighing nearly 20,000 tonnes and reaching 20.22 meters in height, is the largest statue in the world.

You will dine in a typical restaurant where you can taste the local specialties.

In the afternoon, you will visit Memphis and Sakara. You will also meet an Egyptian family: discover their habits and customs, their way of living and their vision of life. Your children will appreciate this privileged encounter.

In the evening, you will explore Cairo by night and have the chance to see the pyramids illuminated with a thousand lights and attend a sound and light show: this will delight ell the family!

You will have dinner at your hotel. (Breakfast, L, D)

Day 4 - Cairo - Luxor

After lunch, you will be taken to the airport for your domestic flight to Luxor. Once arrived, you will embark for your cruise on the Nile. You will discover the Luxor temple in the afternoon. Located in the ancient ancient city of Thebes, this 260 m long Egyptian treasure was built in the 18th and 19th dynasties. Trace the history of this mysterious culture through countless sculptures, sumptuous colossi, or the emblematic frescoes covering the tombs and the temple of Amun.

Night on board (Breakfast, L, D)



Day 5 - Luxor-Edfu

This morning, you will visit the Valley of the Kings, the Valley of the Queens, the temple of Queen Hatshepsut and the colossi of Memnon. Then, uncover the secrets of this ultimate heritage by deciphering the mysterious hieroglyphs.

In the afternoon, take a horse-drawn carriage tour to visit the Temple of Horus.

Your children will be amazed after so many splendors. Night on board (Breakfast, L, D)

Day 6 - Kom Ombo

Today, the tour is dedicated to the temple of Kom Ombo. Originally built during the reign of Ptolemy VI on the banks of the Nile, the latter shakes up Egyptian culture. Dedicated to the gods Sobek and Haroeris, the temple is seen to be symmetrically divided into two parts in order to worship the deities equally. Discover Egyptian history by deciphering the marvelous reliefs covering the walls.

Night on board (Breakfast, L, D)

Day 7 - Aswan

Today, the Temple of Philae, the High Dam and the unfinished Obelisk will hold no secrets for you. You will even have the chance to have a nice felucca ride. Coming from the Arabic word “faluwa” meaning small boat, the felucca is a traditional Egyptian boat. This sailboat was previously used for the transport of goods then, subsequently, exploited by the pirates in order to conquer new territories. Your children will love using this traditional and authentic means of transport.

Night on board (Breakfast, L, D)

Day 8 - Aswan

Today, early departure to Abu Simbel.

Go on an adventure to visit the famous gems of ancient Nubia. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, these temples were carved out of rock and are dedicated to Ramses II, his wife Nefertari as well as to the Egyptian gods. Overlooking the Nile, these vestiges are full of ancient treasures: colossi spanning over 20 meters high, galleries reaching 63 meters deep or majestic hieroglyphs inscribed on the walls.

At the end of the afternoon, you will return to your ship. Night on board (Breakfast, L, D)

Day 9 - Aswan-Luxor

Today you will sail to Luxor.

Night on board (Breakfast, L, D)

Day 10 - Luxor

Today you will visit Karnak temple.

Having crossed many dynasties, the temple has been enlarged and personalized by each pharaoh. Considered “the most valued place” by its name, the site covers more than two hectares: sacred lake, courtyards, pylons, temples, shrines and other buildings… Your children will see what they learnt at school !

Night on board (Breakfast, L, D)

Day 11 - Luxor-Hurghada

After disembarking, you will go to Hurghada, a seaside resort on the edge of the Red Sea. The town of Hurghada, a former fishing village, was built in the early 20th century. Over time, this destination has become an essential Egyptian seaside resort. This city is the perfect place to admire its 25 km long maritime coastline, its multi-colored seabed as well as its panoramic view of the Red Sea.

Formed over 20 million years ago, the Red Sea takes its name from the formation of algae, giving this environment a pinkish hue. It is home to the largest concentration of marine life: 200 types of coral, more than 1,000 species of invertebrates and fish. Take advantage of this natural wonder during nautical activities.

Your hotel is located by the sea. (Breakfast, L, D)

Day 12 - Hurghada

Free day to enjoy the sea and the many activities offered by your hotel. (Breakfast, D, S)

Day 13 - Departure

Free day. In the afternoon, you will take your flight back to Montreal. (Breakfast)

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