Family trip to Tanzania

For an extraordinary travel-safari experience.

Trip summary

Discover the Big 5 and the beaches of Zanzibar

A safari is an extraordinary travel experience. Each morning, go with your family with your private guide and your jeep, searching wild animals and birds, specific to the African continent. Learn more about animal life, natural migration phenomena and meet the Massai population ! A family safari is the best way to share incredible memories while going back to basics. You will be able to approach the animals very closely, which will allow children to awaken their senses  and feel strong sensations : they will be able to observe this unique moments with their dazzling eyes or using binoculars.

A tailor-made itinerary created for adults and children, and suited to everyone’s pace.

Discover the Big 5 and the beaches of Zanzibar

The route day after day

Day 1: Arrival

Today, our French-speaking guide welcomes you and drives you to your hotel.

Day 2: Road to the Massai Country

In the morning, set off with your guide for the Massai country in the west of Kilimanjaro. Your children will love to meet these nomadic welcoming and so touching people.

Your children will love to meet this nomadic people, welcoming and so touching. The Masai people love to share their culture and traditions with travelers. The tribe is organized in the form of a patriarchal society divided into clans and age groups: children, young warriors or morane, adult warriors, young elders and elders.

From an early age they had to tame nature in order to live together and become one with the Tanzanian flora and fauna. Having only one spear to defend themselves, the Masai have learned to detect and anticipate danger. Their diet is also in line with their values: they prefer the consumption of plants over meat.

Once there, go for a walk in the surroundings, discover the Massai school, challenge the Massais with a lance, listen to their stories by the fireside or take advantage of the swimming pool with a magnificent view and the Massai sauna.

This authentic proximity will delight everybody.

Day 3: Lake Manyara

Have a walk with your guide and a Massai from the lodge. You will be alone in the savannah for an exceptional moment facing the summit of Africa: Kilimanjaro. At more than 5,895 meters above sea level, the mountain, covered with eternal snow, offers breathtaking views of the savannah and its surroundings.

You will also have the opportunity to meet other Massai people and their herds. If you’re lucky, you may be able to come face to face with zebras or antelopes.

In the afternoon, drive to Lake Manyara. Stretching over more than 230 km², the lake worth the detour and contrasts with the density of the forest. Herds of zebras, wildebeests, male hippopotamus buffalo or even birds gather there.

Day 4: Safari in Manyara Park

Leave in the morning to reach Manyara National Park, located about 20 minutes from the lodge, for a safari in a 4×4! Open your eyes to see the blue and green monkeys. Indeed, Manyara Park offers you a varied flora thanks to the Rift Valley and significant altitude variations. The north of the park is occupied by a lush tropical forest, the south is more sparse. Discover sausage trees, acacia bushes and termite mounds.

At night, parents enjoy an evening with each other while the kids have fun with their baby-sitter.

Day 5: Safari in Tarangire Park

Leave in the morning to reach the Tarangire National Park located about 1 hour from the lodge, for a 4×4 safari morning. Get up close with the herds of elephants and the famous baobabs.

Indeed, Tarangire Park, whose name comes from the river that flows through it, covers almost 2,850 km². Contemplate the famous baobabs, established for over 300 years and reaching almost 25 meters hight.

Also you will be able to admire, during the dry season, a natural phenomenon where thousands of animals come to migrate.

Explore the dusty tracks to observe giraffes, elephants, zebras, their wildebeest friends or even small warthogs running at breakneck speed.

Day 6: Tanzanian day at Mto Wa Mbu

Visit the multi-cultural village of Mto Wa Mbu in the morning. Share a typical Tanzanian meal, in a local restaurant located in the heart of the banana plantation.

After dinner, take part in a Tinga Tinga art painting class with a local artist, a very fun activity for the children. Created during the 20th century, this technique revolutionized Tanzanian art. Let your imagination run wild and assemble recycled materials to represent African icons in a humorous and colorful way.

Day 7: Safari in the Ngorongoro Crater

Early morning wake up call for a 4×4 safari in the Ngorongoro crater and enjoy a good picnic. Remember to take your camera, animals are everywhere.

This vast natural wonder is the largest non-submerged caldera in the world. Covering an area of ​​326 km2, it formed as a result of the collapse of a volcano on itself. It is located in the Ngorongoro conservation area, protected and listed as a UNESCO world heritage site since 1979.

The site offers a breathtaking view. Reach the summit, which is the transit point for many migrants over the seasons: wildebeest, zebras, Thomson’s gazelles as well as thousands of predators, mammals and birds that settle here searching for pastures. This almost supernatural decor also inspired the creators of the Lion King. This animated film has also brought the expression Hakuna Matata around the world, which means “All is well, life is beautiful!” in Swahili.

Day 8: Departure or extension to Zanzibar

Return to Arusha for your departure flight or an extension to Zanzibar

Day 9: Stone Town

This morning, you will visit the famous spice market. Wander in the heart of Darajani market, where all your senses will be awakened. This bazaar offers a good image of the Eastern world and its spices.

In the afternoon, our team will escort you to your hotel in Jambiani, a real paradise on earth, located on the southeast coast of the island.

Day 10 to 12: : Relaxation, coconut palms and white sand!

Enjoy free days in Zanzibar, a very well appreciated resort area.

In the north of the island, the tides are abrupt and the water withdraws very quickly like a galloping horse. On the East Coast, the beaches decline more slowly. Savor this moment strolling the beaches during low tides and meet starfish, crabs and corals brought to the surface. Coconut palms, white sand, turquoise sea and offshore atolls … Many excursions will be offered on site. Relaxation, swimming, snorkel … everything is possible!

Enjoy these precious and unique family moments with your children.

Day 13: Departure

Transfer to Zanzibar Airport for your return flight taken directly from this airport.

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