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Meticulous organization, passion for destinations

The quality of all travels organized by Collectionneurs de Voyages is backed by our expert knowledge of all destinations and local experiences that we offer. We’ve been there! And, you can count on our unbiased evaluations. Together we will build the most rewarding itineraries, freeing you to fully experience your trip with passion and curiosity, according to your wishes.

We work with reputable, carefully selected tour operators, who will ensure you receive the highest quality of service, to meet your expectations while demonstrating a great deal of passion and love for their country and culture. Our excellent network will enable you to discover the world in at your own pace, in complete peace of mind.

Thus, you ensure your safety and can travel with confidence. Our advisors are available at all times to answer your questions or assist you during your stay.

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La signification de notre logo

The facets of travel are all there

Our logo was imagined and designed by a Québec artist, and represents the core values ​​ of Collectionneurs de Voyages.

The astrolabe, an astronomical instrument, is used to measure the height of the stars and to determine the time, depending on the position of the sun or stars in the sky. It signifies the concept of time and the time zones you will be travelling through.

The sumptuous watch dial that surrounds the astrolabe evokes luxury, uniqueness, exclusive collections and distinct timepieces. Like a watch collector, you can indulge your curiosity, capture your most memorable moments, and collect all your best trips.

The compass rose arouses the traveller and adventurer spirit around the globe. It inspires the authentic and refined art of travel.

Our entire logo is resolutely turned toward the future, toward action. Some people observe a salamander, others, an exotic turtle. Each perception stirs a memory or a vacation experience unique to each traveller.

Do you see other hidden symbols in our logo?

Logo Collectionneurs de Voyages

The story of the founders

18 years

of travel experiences

Collectionneurs de Voyages travel agency is born out of the passion of its founders to provide exceptional and customized travel experiences and their desire to help others navigate the world and organize memorable trips.

Founder and President, Aurore Bonvalot, has toured Europe (being of French origin) throughout her youth.  After arriving in Canada more in 2004, she immersed herself in the world of event organization and marketing, before turning to tourism, as General manager of a travel agency specializing in worldwide cruises. She is also the General manager of the Association des Agents de Voyages du Québec, and teach at Collège April Fortier.

Co-Founder and CEO, Pierre Martineau, has worked in media and publishing for over 25 years. A visionary, he has directed many innovative large-scale projects. His foray into customized luxury travel is an extension of his own travel diaries and destination expertise of several years.

For 18 years, together, Aurore and Pierre have explored more than 70 countries, 180 cities, and five continents around the world. They pass their passion on to their young son Ethan, who already has discovered 20 countries!

They created Collectionneurs de Voyages travel agency to meet a growing demand family and couples travels.They are surrounded by a team of travel experts, just as passionate as they are, especially Louise and Mélanie who do an outstanding job with our customers.

Aurore Bonvalot et Pierre Martineau cofondateurs de Collectionneurs de Voyages

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